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FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas) is a UN-accredited NGO (non-governmental organization) and umbrella organization for many women’s clubs worldwide. It offers support to club leadership, scholarships for members and their family, support for charities around the world and organizes local and international interesting events for members. All members of participating groups are considered members of FAWCO including all members of MIWC. Find out more from the FAWCO page. Free Registration is required for some pages.

Your FAWCO Team works together to coordinate with the FAWCO and FAWCO Foundation. We are: Sue England, Cecily Garver, Miriam Hunfeld, Anitra Kitts, Hope Moore, and Roberta Zoellner. 

You can contact us at

In 1967, FAWCO established a foundation to carry on its long tradition of donating to relief organizations, as well as providing educational support to members and their families.

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to put into action FAWCO’s stated interest in the global community by specifically aiding charitable, scientific and educational programs and supporting the rights of women and children throughout the world. For over 40 years, The Foundation has stayed true to this purpose.

Deadline Extended! FAWCO Clubs from Germany and Austria meet 11-13 November in Frankfurt

Fawco affiliated club members are getting together again, this time in Frankfurt, for a weekend of sharing information, conversation and exploring Frankfurt. It is a relaxing weekend and a great chance to meet other women doing interesting things in their communities. For more information, see the sign up form here

FAWCO Updates

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2023 Education Award and Development Grant Applications Now Open

Change your life, change your world, change your family's life by applying for a grant from the FAWCO Foundation. Details available at the Foundation Website. Deadline is Jan 27, 2023. 

The Impact of War on Our Natural Environment

"Armed conflict is bad for people, but most of us don’t think about the fact that it also has very bad and lasting effects on our natural environment," writer Meenakshi VRai starts out  in her recent Environmental Article on the FAWCO website.

Read more about the impacts over the centuries and what we can do about them at the FAWCO website. 

Recycling – the Circular Economy?

by Valerie Garforth, FAUSA

Manufacturers would like us to think that recycling is the answer to our waste problem: buy, use, recycle – easy – our consciences are clear. But is it? And are they? Humankind (7.6 billion people) produces 2 billion tonnes* of waste per year and of that, perhaps 20 percent is recycled. It is estimated that the US produces 250 million tons* of trash annually, 75 percent of which could be recycled or composted, but actually only about 34 percent is. Of the items which go into the recycling stream, large amounts are rejected and go into landfills. In 2016, in Lucas County, Ohio, out of 22,000 tons of trash that were diverted to recycling, 37 percent was rejected due to contamination. Germany has the best recycling rate in the world,** followed by Austria, South Korea and Wales: they each recycle between 52 and 56 percent of their municipal waste – but what happens to the remaining 50 percent of waste? Read more here

Youth Culture Returns!

The FAWCO Youth Cultural Volunteers Program is happy to announce that AWC Zürich will be hosting the program in 2023. Dates are during their Easter break April 8–15, 2023.  Applications will be open from December 1 until January 31. Space is limited, so get your application in early!

FAWCO Youth Cultural Volunteers Program 

Stacey Harris-Papaioannou and My-Linh Kunst

FAWCO Youth Co-Chairs

(Munich International Networking Group)

Did you know that MIWC is a member of MING? This is a Munich umbrella platform that provides an organizational interface, supports the sharing of ideas, facilitates making new friends, and stimulates learning. It is an information board for networking groups active in the Munich international community. Our membership is free! 

As members, everyone in our MIWC club and our guests are invited to several fun Bavarian events over the next few months. 

Click here to see MING News

Open Door

As the name implies, it is an "Open Door" to other clubs worldwide. Fancy a trip to Bratislava, or maybe Gothenburg? Tagging along with hubby on his business trip to Madrid? Would you like to join up with English speaking women for a chat or activity?

Just visit the website:  

There you will find all the information you need, and as to what clubs are available, also time and days of meetings, and contact information. 

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